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Kulture's Story

Kulture Elevation came to me in a dream when I lived in the St. Thomas Virgin Islands about five years ago. In that dream, I saw a logo. I didn't know what the symbol meant or what the company's name was going to be, but I knew one day I would embark on the journey of being an Entrepreneur. Generational wealth is something foreign to our family, and I wanted to change that. From a young age, I have been planting the seeds to raise a young entrepreneur. Kulture is the culmination of empowerment, education, art, creativity, apparel, and community that I hope to foster for my child and yours. We believe in family, whatever that means or how it looks to you in our abundantly diverse surroundings. Being part of our Kulture family will give you access to new ideas, art, junior entrepreneurs, and a host of other great resources and experiences that we have planned on the horizon. Join us and embark on a wild ride of constant affirmations, positive messages, and growth!

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